Bed & Breakfast – Al Rudun

 The B & B to Rudun is in Boves, in the hamlet Mellana, at the foot of the Ligurian Alps, Maritime and Cozie Southern a few miles from the ski resort, but also from pristine environments where reigns the Wilderness and places rich in authentic culture of our mountain people .The building is a restored country house retaining the characteristics of a time. “Pianot Roof”, a typical group of local houses, where the B & B, is dated at the end of 1400, the date on which it was built by the monks a small canal flowing near the village and feeds the “Rudun”: the old water wheel attached to casa.Le rooms on the first floor are equipped with two beds and those on the ground floor of 4 beds. The B & B is family run, the rooms are simple, but relaxing. You will enjoy the sound of ‘flowing water and the ancient scents of freshly sfornato.Una healthy breakfast will give you the opportunity to get in tune with the tastes of our country is that you will love meats and cheeses, whether you like “more sweet “with jam, honey, and delicious cakes cooked with fruit from our podere.Telefono for reservations: 0039 3406421104th-mail: