(Italiano) Discesa del Toula e della Vallée Blanche fuoripista

A little reminder of what is need for glacier skiing, (and this includes the Vallee Blanche!): – Helmet – Harness with an extender complete with screw gate (safety) karabiner. – 2 x 120 cm slings + 4 karabiners, 2 of which should be screw gates. – 1 prussik device (or prussik sling) – 1 self blocking pulley device – 2 ice screws – A 40m rope minimum for 2 people. – 6m of thin rope – Ice axe and crampons – Avalanche transceiver – shovel – probe . The above equipment is not an “anti-crevasse kit” but the minimum requirement for safe glacier travel, where there is always the possibility of someone falling into a crevasse. Regular training in glacier travel, belaying and rescue technique will greatly help in the event of a problem. Please do not wait until it is too late!

(Italiano) Valle Stura Antecima del Lausfer vie “I DOLORI DEL GIOVANE MEKKY”, “l’ULTIMA TROVATA” e “L’ORTO SEGRETO”

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