Ice fall climbing 2015-2016




Three outings to discover the ephemeral world of icy ice fall climbing.

For those who start and for those who want to improve to climb the most beautiful ice-bands in our valleys.

Dates will be fixed each time with the participants.

We will tackle all the main themes of climbing techniques and safety to reach autonomy in the icy waterfall climbing.

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(Italiano) Discesa del Toula e della Vallée Blanche fuoripista

A little reminder of what is need for glacier skiing, (and this includes the Vallee Blanche!): – Helmet – Harness with an extender complete with screw gate (safety) karabiner. – 2 x 120 cm slings + 4 karabiners, 2 of which should be screw gates. – 1 prussik device (or prussik sling) – 1 self blocking pulley device – 2 ice screws – A 40m rope minimum for 2 people. – 6m of thin rope – Ice axe and crampons – Avalanche transceiver – shovel – probe . The above equipment is not an “anti-crevasse kit” but the minimum requirement for safe glacier travel, where there is always the possibility of someone falling into a crevasse. Regular training in glacier travel, belaying and rescue technique will greatly help in the event of a problem. Please do not wait until it is too late!